Boss Creek is a  planned residential community of approximately 272 hectares (672 acres) 1 ½ kilometers east of the City of Vernon. It is located on a prominent hillside adjacent to the city and will be a premier development within the Okanagan Valley.  Capitalizing on its southern exposure, this community will provide rural lifestyle opportunities with spectacular views over the city of Vernon, Kalamalka Lake, Okanagan Lake, and Swan Lake.

The Ranch offers country living on 2 hectare (5 acre) and larger lots with a few 1 hectare lots. All lots 5 acre and smaller are to be serviced by the Greater Vernon water system, fire protection, utilities, and paved access roads. Larger estate lots farther up the hill will be serviced by individual wells. All lots are engineered to support on-site septic. No commercial centers are planned due to the close proximity to the downtown core, however, limited community service facilities will be considered along with limited home occupation uses.  Lots are linked by a trail network allowing residents access to the public Crown land to the east as well as easy walking/horse/electric cart access throughout the development.  Natural areas are set aside to protect wildlife habitat and preserve some of the steeper hillside areas. All building sites are individually selected so as to provide the best of views and building location on level bench areas that are found throughout the property.  Provisions are incorporated to provide amenities including lookout and scenic areas, and enhanced wildlife and waterfowl habitat through the construction of ponds, streams, and a wetland corridor. 

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Aesthetic Factors

Within the development aesthetic factors will be incorporated that include careful architectural design of such elements as entrance gates, unique signage, enhanced decorative slopes, selected fencing, small garden areas of native plants which promote xeriscape gardening principles, and other items which will benefit the enjoyment of Vernon Hill Ranch residents and improve the livability and community pride.

Natural Areas

As the Boss Creek neighbourhood develops, preservation of natural areas is a priority.  The site is primarily undeveloped forest land with a history of selective logging.  A preliminary environmental sensitivity analysis has been done to identify the sensitive areas of the site.  The report has identified three levels of environmental sensitivity, where they occur and development considerations for each.

        Areas assigned with the highest sensitivity ratings, such as the Bate Creek corridor, will not be developed. These areas will be protected with a Natural Area designation and by covenants on titles. These areas may have secondary access routes, riding or hiking trails constructed through them after an environmental review ensures there will be minimal negative impacts.

Natural Landscaping and Building Design

        A primary design objective within the Vernon Hill Ranch lands is to minimize the visual impact of the development as viewed from the valley below. Utilizing proven hillside development standards will lessen the affect of infrastructure construction. Natural vegetation will be maintained to the greatest extent possible and every attempt will be made to restore and enhance natural areas on common and private lands.

This location is highly visible from most of the valley bottom including the city’s downtown area. In order that Vernon Hill continues to be attractive and rural in nature and to minimize the view impact from the valley the following construction principles will be implemented within the development.

1)     Maintain as much natural vegetation as possible through the use of comprehensive, enforceable building and landscape schemes

On the individual lots the overall impact to residents throughout the valley and their view of the development will continue to be attractive and rural in nature.

2)    A key component of Vernon Hill Ranch is the large lot, rural lifestyle created by maintaining the naturally occurring vegetation in common areas to compliment vegetation retention restrictions on individual lots.

3)    In order to protect slope stability and manage storm water on steep side hills, the vegetation in natural areas will not be disturbed other than to remove undue fire hazard that may be caused by excess dead understory & dead tree branches.

4)    Architectural design standards will be adopted to minimize visibility of buildings by defining color, style and height of buildings within the project. These standards will also set window and outdoor lighting controls to minimize the effect light spill on neighbouring properties as well as preserve the night sky.

Fire Protection Design

All of the Country Residential (5 acre zoning) and smaller properties within Vernon Hill Ranch will be serviced by a community water system installed by the developer. This will be built to support full fire fighting capabilities including fire hydrants. As the development proceeds with access on the property constructed to a suitable standard for fire fighting and other emergency equipment, the Regional District will be requested to extend the BX /Swan Lake fire protection district to include the Vernon Hill Ranch lands. The fire fighting infrastructure will be in place and built to meet the recommendations of the local fire commission.

        Landscape and building schemes will incorporate Fire Smart principles. The construction of a series of strategically located storage ponds through the land will provide an additional constant supply of readily accessible water for fire fighting purposes should it be needed for use on any properties in the area.

Design Principles

          The Boss Creek development will create a rural lifestyle atmosphere in which residents, wildlife and the natural environment will compliment each other. The design model has been built to promote the livability of the neighbourhood through the creation of lot sizes appropriate for their location. This includes protection and enhancement of environmentally sensitive and natural areas and the construction of common amenities, trails and community character enhancing attributes.

Lot Sizes

        Boss Creek lands comprise of approximately 272 hectares (over 600 acres) located on the lower portion of the prominent hillside adjacent to the City of Vernon.  The zoning passed in 2009  for the initial phase created a 28 lot residential area on approximately 67.74 hectares of their land as Country Residential zone (5 acre lot size) in conformity with the Rural Vernon Official Community Plan. Capitalizing on its southern exposure, the residential community will provide rural lifestyle opportunities with spectacular views over the city of Vernon, Kalamalka Lake, Okanagan Lake, and Swan Lake and will be a premier development within the Okanagan Valley. The upper portions of the property are currently planned to create a series of larger estate lots ranging in size from 18 acre to 70 acre lots.

Overall, the area will offer country living on large properties serviced by a community water system, onsite sewage disposal, fire protection, utilities, and paved access roads. The larger, estate lots will be serviced by individual wells.  Trail networks  approved by Greater Vernon Services Parks through the development allow area residents’ access to Vernon Hill.  Natural areas will be created to protect wildlife habitat and wildlife corridors as well as enhanced wildlife and waterfowl habitat through the construction of several ponds, streams, and a wetland corridor.

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