Boss Creek Amenities                



      Additional public amenities for the enjoyment of the residents will include viewpoints and rest areas along the trails often   near the manmade ponds and linear water features.  The water features will start at several manmade ponds near the top of the hill and extend from this higher elevation down through the property in close proximity to the equestrian and walking trails. Large pools will be created along a stream that will end at a water feature near the dedicated Grey Canal trail.  This will be a closed system where the water is recycled by pumping back up between the ponds and is being designed to ensure that water conservation measures are a priority. The water feature is a primary component of the storm water management plan and can also be used for irrigation of the neighbourhood park areas, the landscape features and for supplementing the fire fighting capabilities on Vernon Hill.

      For the more adventuresome, trails abound for some of the best hiking the Vernon area - what’s even better is that your trail paradise starts right out your back door. Boss Creek offers 600 acres of magnificent private  treed landscape[e that is crossed by many private trails (restricted to hiking & horses)  just for your enjoyment. Many of the same trails are perfect for horses. For those who want a hand on a throttle, it’s out your back door to many thousands of acres of Crown land that borders on the east of Boss Creek private property with hundreds of miles of ATV and single track trails to places even we haven’t found yet including secluded lakeland special viewpoints few have seen.

      And then for you really hardy types that same endless trail system out you back door leads to endless winter cross-country and snowshoe adventure.

Natural Areas


As Boss Creek on Vernon Hill  develops, preservation of natural areas is a priority.  The site is primarily undeveloped forest land with a history of selective logging.  A preliminary environmental sensitivity analysis has been done to identify the sensitive areas of the site.  The report has identified three levels of environmental sensitivity, where they occur and development considerations for each.

        Areas assigned with the highest sensitivity ratings, such as the Bate Creek corridor, will not be developed. These areas will be protected with a Natural Area designation and by covenants on titles. These areas may have secondary access routes, riding or hiking trails constructed through them after an environmental review ensures there will be no negative impacts.


Equine Facilities

       Many of the lots at Boss Creek are ideal for horse lovers

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